H.G. Bishop Abanoub Takes a Stand for Orthodoxy in Muqattam

Glory to God! Protestant “Praise & Worship” Songs and Evangelical Choirs Banned in Prominent Coptic Church by Courageous Bishop Anba Abanoub

The St. Jacob Baradaeus Orthodox Christian Fellowship gives thanks and glorifies God that through the prayers and intercessions of St. Simon the Tanner and Pope St. Abraam the Syrian, God has put a halt to the singing of Protestant “praise & worship” songs and the performances of Evangelical choirs at St. Simon the Tanner’s Church in Muqattam, Cairo. Last December, a 60 Minutes piece profiling the Coptic Orthodox Church aired throughout the world, featuring in part performances of Protestant music and displays of what the program described as “Charismatic” worship at the church in Muqattam. Since that time, members of the St. Jacob Baradaeus Fellowship have been praying and dedicating periods of fasting to the cessation of Protestant influence and activity in our Oriental Orthodox Communion, in particular asking St. Simon to intercede at the church which bears his name and St. Abraam to intercede at the site of the great miracle God worked through his prayers and entreaties in the 10th century.

Glory to God, this summer it has been reported that the newly ordained bishop of Muqattam, H.G. Anba Abanoub, has ordered the servants of the church to “stop the playing of Evangelical hymns” and to “play only Coptic hymns” instead. Additionally, His Grace has barred Evangelical groups and choirs from performing at the church. Sayedna’s decision has been upheld by H.G. Bishop Rafael, Secretary of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod, and praised by the Movement of Faith Defenders, the Orthodox Rock Movement and the Orthodox Christian Movement. The St. Jacob Baradaeus Orthodox Christian Fellowship would like to add its voice to that chorus, praising H.G. Anba Abanoub’s courageous decision and praying for our merciful God, through the prayers of the Holy Theotokos St. Mary, St. Abanoub, St. Simon, and St. Abraam, to strengthen His Grace, reward him, and protect him from the backlash of those who wish to see the Church corrupted.

It should be mentioned that Sayedna’s decision is in perfect accord with the decisions of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod forbidding the singing of Protestant “praise & worship” songs in Orthodox churches as outlined here: http://returntoorthodoxy.com/formal-measures/

A sample of His Grace’s preaching can be seen here:

May God continue to work in his Church, purifying it of all heterodox influence in faith and practice, and may He bless us with more courageous, loving, steadfast and Orthodox bishops like H.G. Anba Abanoub both in our respective Motherlands and in the various Lands of Immigration.

Glory be to God forever. Amen.

Source: The Arab West Report June 17 & June 24, 2014