Bishops Raphael and Suriel on Charismatic Influence in Mukattam Parish

Just over a year ago, news broke that H.G. Bishop Abanoub – specifically ordained for this task by H.H. Pope Tawadros – had moved to ban the singing of Evangelical “praise and worship” in the prominent St Simon the Tanner parish, Mukattam, Cairo. This came following the courage of H.G. Bishop Suriel who publicly condemned these practices as “very similar to Hillsong worship” in 2011. Anba Abanoub’s decision was also defended by the Secretary of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod, H.G. Bishop Raphael. We pray for more decisive action in the Oriental Orthodox Communion throughout the world.

H.G. Bishop Raphael Defends Anba Abanoub

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H.G. Bishop Suriel Condemns Hillsong-style Worship

International Day of Prayer aired on SAT7 and CTV from St. Simon Coptic Orthodox Church in Moqattam last night was basically a Pentecostal Service led by so-called Coptic Orthodox Priests

This was aired on SAT7 and CTV. I am very disappointed that CTV, a Coptic Orthodox Channel would air this International Day of Prayer that was basically a Pentecostal service led by so-called Coptic Orthodox priests.

For your information, SAT7 is owned and run by Evangelicals and not Orthodox. Please do not misunderstand me, we do believe in ecumenism and pray for the unity of the Christian Church. However, we are Orthodox and not Protestant. What Protestants and Evangelicals do and say in their churches is their right under religious freedom that we all believe in. But when Protestant style worship and teaching is clearly expressed inside of a Coptic Orthodox Church and led by so-called Coptic Orthodox priests in a manner as I saw on Youtube last night then action must be taken. This in my opinion and the opinion of many others that this is totally unacceptable. These clergy should be fully investigated and appropriate action should be taken according to the canons of the Church.

I must say I was in total shock when I saw the Youtube clips and deeply saddened at where this type of movements may lead the Coptic Orthodox Church in the future. I think if this is left to continue we will begin to lose our identity and heritage as Coptic Orthodox Christians. Again I reiterate that I am in no way attacking another Christian denomination but simply stating that what I saw was not Orthodox and should not take place in any Coptic Orthodox Church any where across the globe.

The style of worship portrayed was very similar to Hillsong worship which is a Pentecostal movement. In my opinion these priests leading that service last night are Pentecostals in Orthodox vestments. This is very dangerous for the Coptic Orthodox Church because simple people who do not understand will be misled to think such priests are Orthodox when in reality they are something else.
May the Lord have mercy upon His Church.