Orthodox vs Protestant Worship by Fr Thomas Hopko

Fr Thomas Hopko distinguishes Orthodox and Protestant worship as two separate entities, the former as “worship in spirit and in truth” and the latter as a deviation.

“So the worship in spirit and truth about which Jesus spoke with the Samaritan woman at the well, we believe is the worship of the Orthodox Church today. It had different shapes and forms and substance and words through history, but it was essentially, substantially, the same. The forms may be different, but the essence and the content and the reality, the truth of it, was the same.

But what we would say now, and I think it would be a claim here, is that we’re not so sure that we can say this any more. We’re not so sure about other rites and rituals beside that of the Orthodox Church, because it may very well be that the rites and rituals of other churches, and even the churches that don’t have prescribed rites and rituals, may be very, very far from the substance, the reality, the truth, the content, and the spirit of God’s Gospel in Jesus.”